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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Idaho Cheerleaders' Ditch Skimpy Uniforms

A wise soul once told me that the complaint is rarely the problem. Fans of the Vandals complained that the outfits of the team's cheerleaders were too revealing, so the Idaho administration has revamped them. Click here and read all about it.

The Vandals' cheerleading squad will be better covered. The fans (or at least some of them, presumably not, however, males in the age 19-34 age group) have been heard.

My question is what makes someone want to become a cheerleader. Sure, there's athleticism involved, and, yes, it's nice to show school spirit, but, as far as girls are concerned, is that what we want our daughters to learn -- that you should cheer the guys while wearing formerly skimpy uniforms and now just cheer the guys? Isn't it better to grab a field hockey or lacrosse stick, shoot a basketball, swim -- even play dormitory intramurals -- than cheer the guys?

Yes, pillory me, cheerleaders and relatives of cheerleaders, or, at least, explain what is so compelling about cheerleading and why you don't believe that we're relegating girls to second-class citizen status by sending them a message that they're supposed to cheer boys. I suppose from the standpoint that it's good to have an activity for everyone and "hey, it's exercise, and most of the country is overweight", it's a fine activity. But, again, I still don't understand it.

So, Maxim lovers, the Vandals' girl cheerleaders aren't going to offer the show they used to. That won't make you happy, and you should protest because if it happens in Idaho, the trend could move everywhere save both coasts, where society is more permissive. So write your University presidents, petition the boards of trustees, and save the tradition. In this day and age, where frugality will rule, point out that skimpier uniforms actually will save the school money. Go do that.

But for the rest of us who wonder about these things, wouldn't the money allocated to cheerleading be better spent on intramurals, wellness programs, something else?

Release the hounds.


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