Sunday, September 14, 2008

Making Progress on North Broad Street

Last year, Buffalo came into Philadelphia and smoked Temple, 42-7.

This year, it took a walk-off Hail Mary play for Buffalo to edge the Owls -- in Buffalo -- 30-28.

A heartbreaking loss for the Owls, but another solid indication that Coach Al Golden is one of the best young coaches in college football and that he is improving the Temple program every year.

Yes, the Owls should have won this game. Yes, one of the three defensive backs who was near the Buffalo wide receiver who caught the winning touchdown actually should have been in front of him, instead of being to the side or behind him. Yes, there really isn't anything known as a bad win or a good loss.

But, teams do measure themselves through the stat sheets and how individuals fare year after year. So, while yesterday's last-play defeat was an awful to swallow for the Owls and their fans, small glimmers of hope emerge. The Temple Owls, you see, show up and give their all every week.

Next time, they'll either clock the quarterback or smother that football.

Week in, week out, Temple fans should be looking forward to next time.

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