Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calling Out Pfizer

Sorry, guys, but while I respect a lot of the wonderful things you do, cut the advertising for Major League Baseball's key games. Baseball is near and dear to my familly's hearts, we enjoy watching it together, and I have a young middle-school aged daughter and a son in third grade. Needless to say, I don't appreciate the "Viva Viagra" ads that appear with such great frequency between innings. I clutch the remote and change the channel immediately.

No, I'm not a prude, but there is a time and place for talking with the kids about sex education, but I'd prefer not to do so while watching the national pastime. Is nothing sacred? Can't we watch the game in peace? Yes, I'm a big fan of the First Amendment, and, no, I'm not a book burning suppressor of speech. But is there no dignity or decency left anymore? Can't we watch these games with some ads that are a bit more wholesome? You make Lipitor, the best-selling drug in the history of the pharmaceutical industry. It works well against cholesterol. Can't you advertise for that drug, or is it so successful that you don't need to?

At any rate, ditch these ads, because your company should show more leadership and take a stand that it isn't just in the pharmaceutical industry to grind out every last dollar.

And, this should get your attention -- I don't think Merck would do this.


Charlottesvillain said...

Amen. Wouldn't it be nice to watch 20 minutes of sports without encountering the word "erection"? I have exactly the same problem trying to watch baseball and college football with my 8 and 5 year old boys. It is a travesty I am no prude either but we're not ready for that talk yet.

Corry Cropper said...

Daddy, what does "an erection lasting more than four hours" mean?

The worst of these commercials was on of the first with the guy throwing the football through the tire... at first he couldn't hit the target, by the end of the commercial he got it, ummm, in... remember that one? Verrrry subtle.

Anonymous said...

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