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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Stupidity from Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on the McNabb Trade and Kevin Kolb

Click this to see what I'm talking about.

Okay, so get this, about 11 years ago Rendell led a chorus of boobirds who were disappointed when Andy Reid opted to take McNabb over Ricky Williams, one of the biggest goofballs in the NFL's recent history. Rendell was all over the pick, and he was wrong. Dead wrong. All McNabb did in his 11 years was lead the Eagles to 5 NFC title games and 1 Super Bowl (a record, by the way, that eclipses what Rendell has achieved within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and as an analyst on Comcast Sportsnet after the Eagles' games).

It might be time for McNabb to go, though, and try to achieve somewhere else what it became apparent he cannot do in Philadelphia. There's nothing wrong with that (and it's hard to bet against Andy Reid when Reid determines how much of a career any player has left in the tank. Football is a brutal, unsentimental business, with the result that you might have to jettison popular players because they just aren't as fast or accurate as they once were). I'll allow for Rendell's doubting on the wisdom of trading McNabb, but I'll slam him for what he then went on to do -- throw heir apparent Kevin Kolb under the bus.

Given Rendell's track record on quarterbacks, I would venture to say that Kolb will excel in Philadelphia and have a nice career. I like the governor, but he looks foolish with his comments and, yes, they lack leadership. Just what Philadelphia needs, another doubter, another naysayer. Hasn't the governor learned his lesson from when he demonstrated for Ricky Williams over a decade ago? And aren't there some huge, underfunded public pension obligations that need addressing?

Stick to governing, Governor.


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