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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Must See Documentary: "The Street Stops Here"

I blogged 5 years ago about Adrian Wojnarowski's excellent book, "The Miracle of St. Anthony," about Bob Hurley, Sr. and the boys' basketball program at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City. This afternoon, amidst yard work, playing catch with the kids and other things, I found this documentary on public television, about the 2007-2008 Jersey City team. Six kids got Division I scholarships, but the lessons that they learned at St. Anthony are much more important than on-court success. Many commuted a long way to play for Coach Hurley and come from difficult situations and tough neighborhoods, but they came together under the aegis of a caring disciplinarian. It's a great film, and I won't tell you how the season turned out. Try to find it on your local PBS station -- you won't be disappointed.


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