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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Funny Headline from Sporting News Online

There is first a headline, then a small vertical bar, then one word.

So it looks something like this: "Redskins Send Campbell to Oakland/Fantasy."

That evokes many comments, such as, I doubt whether any quarterback in the National Football League views going to Oakland as a fantasy. Or, is it fantasy to think that Jason Campbell can QB a franchise to the playoffs? On the latter point, many experts in the current version of The Sporting News opined that if he's in the right place, Campbell is a playoff-caliber quarterback. These same experts also offered that despite the giddiness in DC over the arrival of Donovan McNabb, McNabb won't be a sure thing unless the Redskins upgrade their offensive line.

Bottom line: going to Oakland isn't much of a fantasy.

Fantasy Island? Hardly.

Survivor? About right.


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