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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red, White (and Blue) Whine Cellar

The 76ers fired head coach Eddie Jordan. Click here for an article from one of the Philadelphia papers on the subject.

Sometimes a performance review is a reflection of the person being reviewed. Other times it's more of a reflection of the people doing the reviewing. Sometimes, it's a mixture of both. In this case, the review is as much a reflection of the wisdom of the front office in miscasting a coach as it is on the character of players who appear to be overpaid.

When you have the whining that the 76ers have had, you have a first-class ticket, non-stop, to the cellar.

Hence, the whine cellar.

The 76ers already have red and white in their color scheme. Drinking too much of it gives you their third color, the blues.

It's a mess in Philadelphia.


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