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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Steve Donahue to Coach Boston College

So a friend who is a Cornell alum (and now in sports mourning) told me this morning.

The article he sent me indicated that Donahue turned down an offer at $700,000 per year for five years to coach Hofstra.

Which had me thinking -- $700,000 a year to coach Hofstra? Are the salaries of some college coaches out of whack or what? Are collegiate coaching salaries to universities what the majority says global warming is to the world?

Possible successors to Donahue (in no particular order):

1. Recently deposed St. John's head coach Norm Roberts, a class act by all accounts.

2. Recently deposed Iowa coach Todd Lickliter, who excelled at Butler before moving on to the Hawkeyes. Brad Stevens, the Butler coach, assisted Lickliter for 6 years and gave him a lot of credit for his development as a coach.

3. The top assistant at Northwestern, Mitch Henderson, who played on some great Princeton teams in the late 1990's and has assisted Bill Carmody at Northwestern for over 5 years.

4. The top assistant at Temple, Matt Langel, who played on some excellent Penn teams in the late 1990's and who has learned from the same masterful coach -- Fran Dunphy -- that Steve Donahue did.

5. Mike Brennan, formerly an assistant at Princeton and American, now an assistant at Georgetown, who played for Princeton with Chris Mooney (the Richmond coach) in the mid-1990's.

Donahue did an all-time job at Cornell. The iron is as hot for him now as it will ever be, so if he ever had designs to move on, now is his best opportunity.


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Where does Glen Miller go?
Back to Conn College?

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