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Friday, January 08, 2010

What Philadelphia Refuses, Houston Uses

Goofball alert.

The Astros are going to sign former Phillies' #1 draft pick and starting pitcher Brett Myers to a 1-year deal.

Myers has a million-dollar arm (or, in this case, a five-million-dollar arm), but has on many occasions displayed a ten-cent head.

Astros' GM Ed Wade, who held the same job with the Phillies for about 8 years, has made a habit of obtaining some of his former players. In his case, familiarity breeds (being) content.

Wade once had this to say of one-time Phillies' ace Curt Schilling: "He's a horse every fifth day, and in between he's a horse's ass." And this about a possible Hall of Famer. I can't wait until Wade waxes eloquent on Myers, who also once served as the Phillies' closer. What might he say: "He's a jack-of-all-trades on the field, and a jackass off it?"

Good luck, Astros. Perhaps the Phillies' refusal to re-up Myers sent him a signal that it's finally time to grow up. The guy has talent and has shown flashes of brilliance, but he's maddeningly inconsistent.


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