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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is Princeton's Women's Hoops Team En Route to Its First NCAA Appearance Ever?

Okay, so I'm probably getting ahead of my skis, and I might be doing for my alma mater's women's hoops team what SI might have inadvertently done for the Harvard men's program, except that I am realistic and humble to realize that no one involved with the Princeton women's program reads this blog. That said. . .

The Princeton women are 15-2, off to their best start ever, atop the Ivy league, tall, mobile, and they won their games this weekend by an average of 26 points. You can read about their weekend here.

My family and some friends went on Breast Cancer Awareness night, many of us wearing pink to get in for free (but at $5, the admission is a bargain). It was about 18 degrees outside, but I'd venture to say 2,000 brave souls ventured out to watch a good contest.

Yale battled for about 30 minutes, keeping the game within 10 points, but in the second half the Tigers went on a 17-0 run and put away the Elis, 69-48. Princeton starts one junior, two sophomores and two freshmen (although PG Lauren Polansky went down with what looked to be a pretty serious ankle sprain in the second half, so we'll have to see about her availability). Junior Addie Micir led the way with 16 points and some good floor generalship. Sophomore forward Lauren Edwards is an outstanding player in transition, has a good left hand and scored some good baskets off breaks. Sophomore center Devona Allgood had 10 points, is an outstanding inside presence on defense and had a few blocks. All in all it was a terrific performance from an exciting team, a team on the rise.

If you live in Bucks, Mercer, Hunterdon or Monmouth Counties, check out the Princeton women's team's schedule and go to a game. The coaching is good, the teamwork is excellent, and the future is very, very bright.


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