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Monday, January 11, 2010

If Kurt Warner Doesn't Get Into the Hall of Fame. . .

there should be a Federal investigation -- especially after yesterday's performance.

(There are so many Federal investigations that I figure one extra one wouldn't push the budget over the cliff).

Seriously, the guy has had a great career, has a good story about persistence, is one of the best precision passers of his era, and, sure, he didn't go up against the Steel Curtain or the Purple People Eaters yesterday, but he delivered big-time.

He belongs in Canton.


Blogger DGA said...

No doubt, no question. Until Kurt Warner came along, only one other QB could get 40+ TDs in a season - Marino, and he did it twice, further confounding the likes of Montana, Young, Elway, Favre, Fouts, and so many other great QBs. Manning and Brady only conceived of it as possible because Warner threw 41. Further, Warner is still the only QB to win a superbowl in a season in which 40+ TDs were thrown (Marino, Manning and Brady all did not win a Superbowl in their record TD years).

"Fame" isn't all about stats, and Kurt Warner is plain old fun to watch. But if numbers are the thing, this fellow has taken two different teams to the superbowl, been there three times, won one, earned pieces of two MVPs, has thrown a ton of TDs, and for plenty of yards and is in the very exclusive 40 TD club with only 3 other QBs. Fouts is in. Tarkenton is in. What has Warner not done that they have? How much as Warner done that they did not?

Rest assured, he's in. If there is any sanity left in this world.

10:37 AM  

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