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Thursday, January 14, 2010

How You Rub Off on Your Kids: A Larry Bird Vignette

My daughter is in middle school, and she and her classmates have to write a report on a biography they've read. One of her friends, a girl, is writing on Magic Johnson. This selection prompted some of the boys in my daughter's class to hurl trivia questions at the girl.

"What team did Larry Bird play on?"

The girl didn't know, so my daughter answered for her.

"The Celtics."

Frustrated, the asker threw out another question.

"Okay, so what number did he wear?"

The girl didn't know.

My daughter jumped in again.


The boys backed off.

I asked my daughter how she knew that.

Her response: "I'm growing up in your house, Dad."

True, but I don't think that we ever got down to levels of detail sufficient to discuss numbers.

So I taught her three more -- Dr. J and Bill Russell wore # 6, and Wilt Chamberlain wore #13.

Pretty cool kid, I think.


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