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Monday, January 18, 2010

NFL Observations

1. Anointments are dangerous. How many people jumped onto the Cowboys' bandwagon after they thrashed the 11-5 Eagles twice within two weeks? How many people thought that they were the best team in the NFC and had a chance to go to the Super Bowl? Many, but their analysis belied the fact that the Eagles' offensive line was battered and tired, that they had very little at linebacker and that their defensive backfield wasn't all that good at the season's end. So, was it a question of the Cowboys' being that good, or the Eagles' having faded? Moreover, how did the Vikings all of a sudden become a questionable football team? Even diehard Cowboys' fans have to temper their optimism in the future -- a first-round playoff win should build confidence, but not arrogance. That's not to say that the team itself got a big ego, but something bad happened out there for Dallas yesterday. They got whomped.

2. Are Andy Reid, Wade Phillips and Norv Turner simply good coaches who can go no further? You have to believe that fans in Philadelphia, Dallas and San Diego are asking this question and wondering aloud. In Reid's case, how could he have boasted upon his re-signing that he had the best organization in football? He's been there for 11 years, but he hasn't won the Super Bowl.

3. Drew Brees is a class act. You need to read this week's Sports Illustrated for an article about Brees, who is as good a civic leader as he is a quarterback. The guy dines with big whigs every two weeks, and they decide on the causes they're going to raise money for to continue to rebuild New Orleans. Not only is he a class act, but he's one outstanding quarterback, and the Saints looked great this weekend.

4. Are Jets' fans pinching themselves? They must be. The Jets beat a good team on the road yesterday. Sure, they have a tall task, taking on Indy in Indy, but Rex Ryan's team has some mojo going on big time, and there's enough fight left in this dog to make it a battle next weekend.

5. What's the future of the league? What will an uncapped year mean? Will there be a lockout in 2011? Labor relations seem to be at an all-time if not long-time low. The uncapped year won't necessarily cause some teams to go hog wild, if only because of how bad the economy has been. That said, teams won't be required to spend a minimum, and some teams won't. There are other complications that The Sporting News highlights in this week's issue. You should check it out.


Blogger jward said...

1. I'm a Cowboys fan and I did not believe they could do anything in the playoffs until they beat the Eagles that 2nd time. Then I was on the bandwagon...and they got embarrassed. Kind of cruel. But you're right, the teams that we thought were cold turned hot again. Colts vs Saints and all is right with the world.
2. As a Cowboy fan, I'm not quite ready to call Wade a good coach yet..but for Andy and Norv, yup. Good coaches that can't go any further. I still can't figure out why Reid doesn't develop a real power running game to complement his oft used air assault. Though, I do kind of like McCoy.
3. Absolutely, a class act.
4. The Jets played really well..they kind of reminded me of that Ravens team that won it all several years ago. But eventually they succumbed to a much better team.
5. I believe a lockout definitely.
Good post.

11:08 PM  
Blogger roykarl81 said...

In fact, as long as each team have made efforts, are hard, we will certainly have hope that, NFL Shop even failed, there would be no any regrets.

3:49 AM  

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