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Friday, April 11, 2008

Panicky Fantasy Baseball Moves

The kids and I have a team in an ESPN league. It's a 10-team league, the draft was auto-pick (but we did change around ESPN's suggested order a bit to avoid taking big-name pitchers such as Barry Zito and Dontrelle Willis, neither of whom, to us, ranks in the top 50 starters in the Majors), and we ended up with a really good team. We also just added Aramis Ramirez and Robinson Cano, both of whom have gotten off to slow starts and were jettisoned by their impatient owners. I was out of the country this week, or else we might have added Russell Martin, who fell victim to the same fate after an 3-24 start.

We had a strong hitting lineup to begin with, but we're stronger with the addition of those two, who should improve as the season progresses. So, if you're a fantasy owner, if might be one thing to be impatient with a closer on a team where there are one or two "closers in waiting," but to shed a perenially good player before mid-May (unless he's injured and out for the year) doesn't seem wise.