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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Larry Brown to Stanford?

The peripatetic coach is interested in the job, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

While the article suggests that Old Dominion's Blaine Taylor is the front-runner, Brown has one thing going for him -- he has enough money to afford a pretty nice house in the Stanford area. You might think that I'm joking, but Stanford's known not to pay too much for its coaches, and housing prices are about as high in Palo Alto as they are anywhere in the country. As a result, luring Brown under these circumstances wouldn't be an issue, whereas it probably would for many other candidates.

Brown has won titles at Kansas and in Detroit, and he coached at UCLA many moons ago and took the Bruins to the title game. He'd probably have fun coaching "smart" kids, but would he really be that interested in the grind that can be coaching hoops coaching, especially when it comes to recruiting?

The man can coach, even with the disaster that was his experience in New York. Brown's an intriguing match-up for the Cardinal, but it strikes me that he won't leave the East, as his family likes living in the Philadelphia suburbs.


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