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Friday, April 11, 2008

No Way This Would Have Happened, Really

Would Bill Self really have left Kansas, one of the biggest-time programs in NCAA history, for his alma mater, Oklahoma State? I submit that the opening of the OSU job was fortuitous for Self, who was able to parlay a hint of going to Stillwater into the lucrative contract he might have deserved (it's all relative, isn't it, as do college coaches really deserve millions a year to coach a kid's game) anyway. I would submit that Kansas's tradition is much better than that of OK State (and, yes, I know that the legendary Hank Iba coached there when it was Oklahoma A&M, but that was a long, long time ago, and readers who remember that are in their 70's today). Self would have been nuts to leave Kansas (and happily, I think, took a page out of Les Miles' book and stayed at his current job).

So, Jayhawks' fans get their sigh of relief, Self gets a new contract, and OK State continues to search for a new coach. To me, the story was really a non-event.


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