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Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Love, Admiration and Respect for Medicine Balls

I only skimmed this article in ESPN the Magazine, but its premise underscores my utilization of medicine balls in my daily workouts. I use eight- and twelve-pound medicine balls for a variety of core exercises, and the results are great. Unfortunately, my work schedule (combined with the travel work requires) doesn't permit me to maintain six-pack abs (although I think that those who do either are paid to do or do nothing other but contemplate their navels and abs during their daily work), but usually I can fit in about five one-hour workouts a week and stay in decent shape.

Medicine balls are a good part of the reason. It's not hard to get into a routine. I got mine at Omni Fitness, along with a nifty little booklet that has represented the best $8.95 or so I've spend on my fitness. Get some aerobic exercise, buy some stretching bands to stay stretched out, and get a medicine ball or two, along with some instructions for use. You won't be sorry.

Go to a ballpark, a mall, the movies (and even spend time in a foreign country for contrast), and you'll see how out of shape Americans are and how big they are. Then tell yourself that you're going to get up 45-minutes earlier each day, watch what you eat (it's not your fault that there is most of an aisle full of ice cream at your local supermarket, but it is your fault if you eat a pint a night and don't take care of yourself). Start out slowly, build up to a solid routine, and you'll feel a lot better about yourself.

Among other things, medicine balls are a good place to start.

You have a choice in life about the type of shape you want to be in and how well and gracefully you'll age. Do something about it -- starting with this weekend. You'll be glad you did.


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