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Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Dangers of Having Your Coach Act as G.M.

Andy Reid (still) believes that the Eagles have enough playmakers to win a Super Bowl.

Did Eagles President Joe Banner leave the NFL's spring meetings because of that statement (Banner had left because he was ill) or because the press corps wore him out challenging that statement?

Sorry, Andy, but you're wrong here, and some of the talking heads on the radio (who know who they are) who defend you are wrong too. Can you really win a Super Bowl with a) the receiving corps you have, b) the return game you have and c) the low amount of turnovers the defense forced last year? You might have upgraded the defense with Chris Clemons and Asante Samuel, but Reno Mahe as a very solid kick returner? A receiving corps of Reggie Brown, Kevin Curtis, Jason Avant and Hank Baskett, not to mention L.J. Smith as your (enigmatic) tight end?

Eagles fans who read this, please reconsider your knocks on Donovan McNabb. The one (real) year he had a top-notch wide receiver, the team made and almost won the Super Bowl (the subsequent year's implosion resulted from the poor choices of the wide receiver and a terrible failure of the team's other leaders to take that receiver to the woodshed; instead, Brian Dawkins and Jeremiah Trotter, among others, stood there and opted not to take sides). During the course of McNabb's career (and I'll admit, he's been stiff-legged at times in his mechanics and has made mistakes), he should be praised for accomplishing what he has with the supporting case of skill players he's had (other than Brian Westbrook). McNabb, when healthy, is an excellent quarterback who is championship-caliber.

Too bad that his coach/G.M. has a blindspot the size of Lincoln Financial Field when it comes to making personnel decisions (and, for that matter, save about 1 year, drafting players). Because that blind spot persists, the Eagles will not contend for a Super Bowl.

They might make the playoffs, but until they get Donovan McNabb more support, they will not win a title (or even get to the title game).


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