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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Live Blogging: Michigan State -- Gonzaga

MSU missed a layup with 4.6 seconds to go. There was a held ball call afterward, which looked like a bad call. The Gonzaga swingman who garnered the rebound wasn't tied up. Gonzaga had the arrow, got the ball, got fouled with 4.4 seconds left. No timeouts left for either team. Gonzaga at the line, up one, with PG Derek Raivio at the line; he has 24 points on the night, and the Zagas are something like 25-26 from the charity stripe for the night. The players look very tired. . . now they put 0.2 back on the clock. Raivio hits first shot. . . Zags have hit 25, now 26 in a row. Raivio hit the second shot. . . 27 in a row. . . MSU couldn't get a shot off, thought their shooter was fouled behind the arc, but there was no call. . . Tom Izzo thought Kevin Brown was fouled, but announcers agree with the no-call, thinking that Brown had jumped into the Zags' defender to initiate contact.

Gonzaga wins, 109-106. Unbelievable game.


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