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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Eagles' Talk Radio Jinx Strikes Again

When will Eagles' players learn?

You may recall this post about how Eagles' players either become former Eagles' players or get hurt (and thereby become potentially former Eagles' players) once they become radio show hosts in Philadelphia.

Read the post about the past, as it's a pretty compelling story. And now read further about the four guys who were on the radio in various capacities this year.

First, there's DT Sam Rayburn, who has played the full year after being iffy in training camp because of what I believe was a shoulder injury. Eight games down, and Sam's still chugging away. But after Sam, it gets bad.

There's Terrell Owens, who appeared not on a Philadelphia station but with Miami columnist Dan Le Batard on ESPN Radio on his own show. Case you missed it, T.O. recently said a few things to an ESPN stringer that weren't that nice about his teammate, Donovan McNabb (with whom he hung out on Halloween), and now T.O. is in a T.O. and his career in Philadelphia has suffered a TKO. Which means that T.O. is SOL in PHL.

Then there's LB Jason Short, an aggressive special teams player who was on the same radio show with Rayburn. He broke his leg last week and is out for the season.

Finally, there's C Hank Fraley, the baby-faced Robert Morris alum who was hosting the show that ostensibly former Eagles' FB Jon Ritchie hosted last year. Fraley banged up his shoulder pretty good, had surgery yesterday, and is now out for the year.

There are a few conclusions to draw from this:

1. If I am Sam Rayburn, I am very careful the rest of the year.

2. If I am any other Eagle, I decline any entreaty to have a local radio program, at least if I want a future in the NFL. If you want a future in the Philadelphia media, then perhaps you might consider a gig, especially if you're near the end of your career. Otherwise, head the other way when your agent comes to see if you're interested.

3. I encourage acquaintances on NFC East teams in D.C., New York and Dallas to go on the radio as much as possible.


Blogger NFL Adam said...

One thing that amazed me. You hear "cheerleader scandal" and it does not involve the Eagles.

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