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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Giant Killers Again

Last year, early in the season, Bucknell beat #10 Pitt at Pitt, the first time they had ever beaten a top-10 team.

Tonight they did in Syracuse in the Carrier Dome, beating the #19 ranked Orangemen 74-69.

Suddenly, I think, this mid-major is quickly becoming a major, at least for the year. If Bucknell keeps this up, they'll crack the Top 25. Just goes to show you that there is more to big-time hoops in the Northeast than the Big East and Atlantic 10 (and, for those diehards, Penn and Princeton in the Ivies).

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania hasn't necessarily been on the hoops map until recently.

Last year, it got some attention.

This year, it's a must stop.


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