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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Just a Hunch

I think that Fresno State will upset USC in Troy tonight.

Fresno State got a goblin out of its attic this season when it beat archrival Boise State, and the Trojans have played with fire in a few of their victories this season. Pat Hill is an outstanding coach who would get a lot more publicity if he were coaching closer to the Mississippi River, and something tells me that a funny thing will happen on the way to the BCS championship game.

Call it Fresno State 35, USC 31.

The sports gods were kind to the Boston Red Sox a few years ago and created a storybook finish. What a better way for Joe Paterno at 78 to have a classic fable-like ending if somehow Fresno State were to win tonight and Penn State would jump into the BCS title game against Texas.

It just could happen tonight.


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