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Monday, May 05, 2008

Where Sportswomanship Ruled The Day

You might have seen the feature on ESPN, but this article in USA Today highlights the extraordinary sportsmanship that took place in a woman's softball game between Central Washington and Western Oregon for their conference's championship. Had the graciousness of the Central Washington players not taken place, no one would have seen the results of this game, and except for those in the Northwest whose passion is softball, most would have forgotten this game rather quickly.

Instead, the legacy of this game will live on, indefinitely, because of an unselfish, gracious act that of an opposing team that enabled an injured opponent to complete her first-ever home run -- in a game that meant everything to all of these young women.

Thank you, players and coaches from Central Washington and Western Oregon for giving us this great sequence. This was a championship game for at many levels, the most important of which was the celebration of sportsmanship at its highest level. For that, all of you are to be congratulated.


Anonymous Tony said...

I was filled with warmth when I read about this. What a solid demonstration of true sportmanship. In this case, the gracious side of human wins the day. I applaud their gesture and spirits.

12:39 PM  

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