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Friday, May 23, 2008

Where Else Did the Patriots Cheat?

Former NFL lineman Ross Tucker said that Coach Bill Belichick also played games with the injured reserve roster.

Filming where he shouldn't have been filming.

Stashing healthy players on the I.R. and then letting them practice.

What else?

Tony Dungy appeared on Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio this morning and, in response to a question, indicated that to some degree Belichick's accomplishments will be accompanied with some doubt. Dungy is a very gracious guy, and he didn't elaborate, but it's clear that the antics of Belichick and the Pats riled many in the NFL.

It's one thing to be aggressive. It's another to go past the boundaries because you start to believe your own press clippings as to how great you are and then (wrongly) believe that because of your genius status the rules don't apply to you.

And that seems what happened with Belichick. If what Ross Tucker says is correct, it seems that the NFL will have no alternative but to investigate this allegation as well. Investigators tend to turn over rocks until there are no more to turn over. In the case of Belichick, I don't think that NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell has a choice here.

Tucker seems credible. He's bright, he has no axe to grind, he was an NFL journeyman, an unsigned free agent out of a school (Princeton) that doesn't groom guys for professional football. He's not on a crusade, so to speak, he's just making a point.

And that raises the question as to what else might have gone on in New England that blew through stop signs and boundaries.


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It seems like he tried to out cheat everyone. They are all doing something. He just tries to do it all.

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