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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Robert Horry is Not a Hall of Famer

And must have had a slow sports news day to even say there's a debate on whether he belongs in the Hall.

J.A. Adande writes an article that talk about Horry's accomplishments, and while I won't debate that Horry has been a valuable member of numerous championship teams, his overall body of work just isn't good enough to warrant inclusion in the Hall. He's Leonard Zelig with muscle and a timely jumper, but he's not and has never been the engine that pulls the train to its destination. You think Hall of Fame, you think of names like Jordan, Pippen, (Magic) Johnson, McHale, Bird, Jabbar, Duncan, (David) Robinson, but not Robert Horry.

Again, that's not to knock Horry's career, his presence on those championship teams and his contributions to them. It's just to say that the Hall covers the elite of the league, and Horry's just not among them.


Blogger Roy said...

I agree, while noting that KC Jones (7.4 ppg, .387 FG% .632 FT%) is in the Hall of Fame. :)

12:48 AM  

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