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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Tough are the San Antonio Spurs?

Tough enough to be only 1 of 20 teams (out of a denominator of 100) to win a Game 7 in an NBA series on the road.

That's tough.

Call it game-tested tough, Texas rodeo tough, whatever you want, but this is a playoff-tested team that will go down with its boots.

The NBA regional finals should be a treat. You have Kobe and the gang against the wisened old pros of San Antonio, and then you have the Celtics (to whom many pundits gave the title in the pre-season) against other set of wisened old pros, the Detroit Pistons.

The networks probably are craving another Celtics-Lakers final.

The basketball purist in me wants to see the two old bands battle it out for perhaps one last time. I'm going with age over beauty, and I'm picking the Spurs to meet the Pistons in what should be a classic NBA final.


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