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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sorry, Lacrosse Fans, But . . .

I have two major beefs with the college lacrosse game.

First, despite the entreaties of ESPN and its color commentator, Quent Kessenich, lacrosse is not the fastest game on two feet. Sorry, but check out something called basketball and something else called football. Not much is faster than when Chris Paul is running a fast break or Devin Hester is returning a kick. Lacrosse touts, come up with a better tag line. This one fails.

Second, the game is not telegenic and suffers from what hockey does -- it's hard to pick up the ball and you can't see the faces of the competitors. Those two aspects of the game will not help make lacrosse more popular beyond those whose families and friends play the game. Yes, the national championship game might draw market share, but the average game will have trouble drawing on television. It might be like hockey -- in person it's a much better product.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lacrosse, not the fastest game on two feet? Really? I played both sports in high school and lacrosse at the Division I level in college. There is no question which sport is faster pace - lacrosse.

The college football coach at my college tried to get me to return the kicks and play wide receiver after my freshman year.

Both are great sports, but for continuous action you cannot beat lacrosse. By the way, as a player, lacrosse is more fun. Ask Jim Brown who played both.

4:34 PM  

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