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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Woolly Mammoth Lives!

Read this story if you don't believe me.

No one has raised $3 million for its mascot. In fact, the home gym that this woolly mammoth plays in probably didn't cost $3 million. The gym it played in on the road yesterday cost a lot more.

For too long we've read about how mid-major schools have come close to slaying the giants (for example, a very good 10-1 Hofstra squad went up to Syracuse last week and took the Orange to the wire, losing by 5). Usually they do so on the road, because it's hard to get the titans to come into your building to play. Or, if they do, the mid-major school typically has to promise two or three games at the high-major school's venue to get one in the cozy gym that the typical mid-major plays in. Regardless of venue, we've read too many stories about the old college try, about moral victories and the like.

Until yesterday, that is.

Forget the "good losses" and all of that nonsense.

This was a great win.

And, what made this particular game more remarkable is not only did the mid-major team win, but also the mid-major team won on the road, upsetting a Top 10 team!

The Patriot League bloggers are having a field day, as well they should. To get a more intimate description of this huge upset, click here and here. The former post is more erudite, perhaps, but the latter post is more concise and, to a certain degree, more eloquent.

Remember the Bucknell Bison. They will be playing in a post-season tournament, and methinks it's spelled NCAA.


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