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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Name The Team That Beat 3 Top-10 Teams in 8 Days

And it's not a men's team, either.

Congratulations to the Rutgers Scarlet Knight's women's team and Coach Vivian Stringer on their upset of #1 LSU last night.

Something's cooking in New Jersey, and it's probably the best stuff since Artie Bucco was making riccotta pies for the Soprano family.

Women with serious hops are playing serious hoops in Piscataway.

Going into last night's game, they were ranked #19. In the past 8 days they've beaten #1 LSU and #8 Tennessee at home and they ended #3 Texas's 41-game home winning streak.

Will they vault into the Top 10? Definitely.

The Top 5?

They should.

Keep an eye on 'em.


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