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Monday, January 31, 2005

Football Recruiting at Colorado

Apparently, Potsie, Ralph and Richie are now all going to Colorado, and they're drinking ginger ale or egg creams and listening to crooners on their MP3 players, wearing their HS letter sweaters, opening doors for co-eds and calling them "Miss" and even asking questions about the types of books they'll be reading in their course work. Thanks to USA Today for the whole story.

Football recruiting at Colorado. Rated G.

Is a better list of recruiting rules working? Does compliance, like world peace, actually have a chance? According to one recruiting expert, the Buffaloes are actually having a better recruiting year this year than last year. And, as you'll probably remember, last year was the culmination of one big party, the toga party to end all toga parties in terms of college football recruiting hijinx.

This year? Family dinners, curfews at 11 p.m. and adult escorts (oops, I meant chaperones) who hang out with the recruits while they're being shown around the campus and Boulder. All you need is Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea" playing in the background, and you'll have a Norman Rockwell view of what college football is supposed to be.

Truth be told, it's good to see that Colorado has made a serious attempt to shape up and remember that, after all, it is a college first and foremost. Sure, some of us can get our jollies thinking of the tame, chaste recruiting visits that are now ensuing, but the entire program needed a serious wake-up call that it had to change its ways.

And that doesn't mean, of course, that the kids won't get to be kids and have their fun. All it means, literally and figuratively, is that the type of fun they'll have won't be at anyone else's expense.


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