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Friday, January 28, 2005

Tip Of Iceberg Sighted?

Read this article and decide for yourself.

If what is stated in this article is true, then you don't have to wonder why some teams will never have a chance to have winning programs, and why some won't have losing programs. Ever.

If what is stated in this article is true, are certain parts of the major college football world no better than cockfighting (which is illegal in most states), where you simply buy the best players and put them out there to beat the other guy's behemoths, put them in courses that will keep them eligible but won't give them much of a path to a good livelihood when their football days are over, and then drop them from your radar screen once their eligibility is exhausted?

I hope that this isn't the case, of course, as I am hopeful that the bad apples are in a distinct minority in certain parts of Division I-A football. I hope that what this HS coach is testifying to is an isolated incident, I really do.

But given how many teams allegedly were involved with the recruiting of this one player and the alleged illicit inducements offered his HS coach, how can we be so sure?

Let's watch this trial and see what happens, but the report today is very troubling indeed.

Update: Our good friend TigerHawk has blogged on the topic of cockfighting, so you may want to check this out at some point. It could well be that cockfighting now is more civilized than SEC football. What do you think?


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