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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Disappointing Loss Shouldn't End Voting Inquiry

Just because this happened, doesn't mean that this story goes away.

Although, I am sure, that some of those who run or are involved with the BCS hopes that the result of Thursday night's Holiday Bowl game will put the whole matter to rest.

But that would be too convenient for them.

It shouldn't happen, and the mainstream sports media should not let it.

Because they certainly aren't drinking the BCS's Kool-Aid that the current system of deciding a national champion in Division I-A college football is a good one. There are plenty of columnists (note I didn't say reporters) who will tell you that.

So, mainstream sports media, decide whether you are part of the pageantry and the production, or part of the fourth estate that actually tries to keep the games honest.

Because at this juncture, it's still pretty hard to tell.


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