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Saturday, June 05, 2004

SportsProf Will Go on the Record on the Belmont

SportsProf doesn't want to be one of those doubting native Philadelphians and publicly doubt whether the hometown horse, Smarty Jones, will win the Belmont Stakes. SportsProf is concerned that in the overall holistic nature of things, the Phila. area papers have gone so overboard on the thoroughbred that he has been jinxed to the high heavens. Then again, the high heavens have been opening up on the East Coast today, and this great colt has proven he can run on a fast track or a slow one. Some of the competition does have trouble running in the soup, although it's been wet, not soupy, back East. SportsProf picks Smarty Jones to be the first Triple Crown winner since 1978 -- and by at least 10 lengths.

Now that's going out on a limb, isn't it?


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