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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Frank Robinson's Traveling Class AAAA All-Stars and Charter Flight Kings

Off Wing Opinion addresses the issue of where the Expos will be next year and mentions a comment that Peter Angelos made about Washington D.C.

The Washington Expos? Hard to figure that when push comes to shove Peter Angelos really would agree to that, even with whatever political pressure that is thrust upon him. He is, after all, a king of torts, so I doubt that anyone can muscle Mr. Angelos to do anything he doesn't want to do.

That said, where could the Expos go? San Juan on a permanent basis? Doubtful. Las Vegas? Tough to see the tourist trade wanting to go to a baseball game. You don't go to Vegas for baseball; you can get that in your home town. You go to Vegas for something other than baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolets.

Portland? Sacramento? Charlotte? Jacksonville? Columbus? Buffalo? Indianapolis? San Antonio?

Whatever happened to the talk of contraction? The Brewers struck out 26 times in a 17-inning game a week ago (4 Brewers combined for 20 of those whiffs), and the Expos haven't exactly been setting the world on fire. The chariot that some of the teams in the NL Central have turned into are going to turn into pumpkins when the summer heat comes. And Tampa Bay, Detroit and Kansas City aren't exactly world beaters either.

Tough problem for baseball, but it will be even tougher if the Lords of the Game do nothing and let the Expos continue to linger like the barge of trash that floated around the world for about 14 years (it was sent from NYC to the Caribbean, couldn't find a home, and ended up back, of all places, in Pennsylvania). Bud Selig and Company should solve this refugee problem before it happens.

Hit the problem head on and find the Expos a home. Find a city that wants them, and then establish ownership the way the Packers have in Green Bay. Baseball, the players and the fans deserve better than having a team owned by the other teams.

And Frank Robinson deserves some sort of medal.


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