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Sunday, June 06, 2004

SEC Posts Rules for Turning in Rival Schools

Okay, now, we're talking about the Southeast Conference, which has had enough scandals in recent memory (Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn and Kentucky are on probation) to confuse it with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which also has been busy in the past several years looking into scandals in corporate America.

Those of you familiar with corporate law will know that publicly held companies are required to adopt and enforce Codes of Conduct. Well now the SEC has a policy for its schools to turn in other schools where cheating is suspected.

It's hard to say what really compelled the SEC to create this policy now, and it will be interesting to see whether this policy will bring about change. SportsProf doubts that the public view of the SEC -- that of a conference with big-money boosters driving loudly colored gas-guzzling cars with vanity license places doing things they shouldn't be doing -- will actually change. All of this talk reminds me of a comment that has been attributed to many schools over the years, where perhaps a university president of a big-time athletic power was said to have remarked, "If only we could have a university that the football team could be proud of."

Let's throw down the challenge to the SEC -- get your priorities straight. Football is a game, but it's more important to prepare your student-athletes (and your non-athlete students) for life in an ever-competitive world.