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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Mike and the Mad Dog Talk Politics

Drive-time talk radio tonight was at almost a comical peak when I had to endure (at least for the five minutes before it became unbearable) Mike Francesa and Chris Russo talking about Ronald Reagan. Those fellows are very knowledgeable about sports. Period.

It was bad enough having to endure George Will on baseball (Leigh Montville reported in his recent biography of Ted Williams that Williams didn't agree much with Will on baseball, and I'm surprised Will is able to walk given how much he can pat himself on the back). But having to listen to Mike and the Mad Dog talk about Ronald Reagan?

The only image I can conjure up to do that situation justice would be of one of the guest judges banging the gong on "The Gong Show" to stop the audience from having to endure a terrible act.

Small suggestion, guys: stick to what you know.