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Monday, September 13, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles: Talk About a Bad Start That No One Would Have Believed If It Were Scripted

Lose your starting QB to a concussion.

Lose your starting MLB to a concussion.

Lose your starting fullback (for whom you have no back-up), a Pro Bowler, for the year (torn ACL on a gruesome play).

Lose your starting center, who just returned from a knee injury after 8 months of being out, for the year (torn bicep).

All four are team leaders on a very young team that needs leaders.

Oh, and, by the way, your back-up QB plays so well that now you have a QB controversy. Why? Because that back-up once was a Pro Bowl player who looked fat and out of shape last year and looked like his former self on Sunday.

With all the problems -- plus horrid playcalling on offense in the first half -- you still rallied to within 27-20 and had a chance deep in your opponent's territory with under 5 minutes to go to tie the game.

But, still, the carnage. . . 2 concussions, 2 season-ending injuries. . . Yikes!

And, it used to be a cure when you could say, "well, at least we can get better by playing Detroit next weekend." Except, these aren't Matt Millen's Detroit Lions. These Lions can get after it.

Tough day for the Eagles, who, with their youth, are on a re-building mission, whether they'd like to admit it or not.


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