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Monday, September 13, 2010

Brutal Sports Talk on WIP Radio in Philadelphia Today

I actually (kinda) felt sorry for local loudmouth Howard Eskin.

First, left guard Todd Herremans is conversationally challenged.

Second, play-by-play man Merrill Reese, whose puffed up voice can sound like a caricature (think a less nuanced version of Marv Albert, and probably less intelligent, too), was off today. He couldn't remember where Herremans went to college, he espoused a self-important point of view (once evinced by an erstwhile color commentor, former Eagles' tackle Stan Walters) that a team shouldn't take an offensive lineman on the first round, he dissed the Raiders' Robert Gallery (okay, so while Gallery hasn't been a star, he's played for about 5 offensive coordinators during his career and had the unique distinction of trying to block for one of the all-time most clueless QBs in JaMarcus Russsell), and he said that future Hall of Fame tackle (and former Raven) Jonathan Ogden went to Southern Cal (bite your tongue, Merrill, he went to UCLA).

Third, believe it or not, the Mouth that Roared (Eskin) couldn't get a word in edgewise. Apparently, he knows to leave well enough alone and not try to one up or correct a local favorite in Reese, but I am sure it was painful for Eskin. Reese was plum awful and should stick to doing his play-by-play work. The portion of the show with Herremans was pure torture. Herremans sounded like he was in the midst of dental work (without anesthesia), and Eskin was like the guy on "Jeopardy" who knows all the answers but can't press the button fast enough to get called on.

Figures, a brutal game followed by brutal talk radio. We did learn, however, the injured Eagles' fullback Leonard Weaver likes to sing and sang at the Eagles' complex today, despite his season-ending injury. That was nice to learn.

Tough football weekend all around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, USC = Southern Cal.

8:43 AM  
Blogger SportsProf said...

Omigod! Thanks, Anonymous, for pointing out my terrible proofreading and Freudian slip, which I now corrected. Ogden went to UCLA, which was my point, but for some reason I typed "USC" in the parentheses in the original post. I now replaced it with UCLA. So, you're point is correct, that Southern Cal and USC are the same thing, but what I meant to point out that Reese said Ogden went to the wrong school (which was the case). I'm a fan, and I know to a degree where my favorite team's players and the best players went to school. I was surprised that people who don't call games for a living didn't know better.

10:57 AM  

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