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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eagles' Fans Should Give Donovan McNabb a Standing Ovation

He is the best quarterback in Eagles' history.

He led them to 5 NFC championship games.

He played very hard for a group of fans that is very difficult to please.

Yes, he's with the Redskins, and yes, they are a divisional rival.

But pro football is a business, and very quickly yesterday's heroes become funny looking aliens in opposing uniforms. It's hard to see Donovan McNabb in a Redskins' uniform and more difficult to see Brian Westbrook wearing the jersey of the (0-3) 49ers.

Sure, there was a lot of talk about McNabb, especially in recent years. That he wasn't as good a touch passer as he could have been, that once in a while he said the wrong thing (who hasn't?), that he wasn't as mobile as he used to be, that perhaps he could have done a better job of working things out with Terrell Owens (for what it's worth, I thought that McNabb was totally in the right during the drama with Owens), what have you. The fact remains that he put up great numbers, that he was a battler all the way, that he provided great moments and that he led teams to great seasons.

Eagles' fans should remember that this Sunday when the Redskins come to Lincoln Financial Field, and they should pay him the tribute that he's earned out of consideration for his entire body of work.


Anonymous poker affiliate resource said...

The Eagles fans never really seemed to appreciate McNabb. From the time he was drafted right up until his exit, he never really got his proper due. He took them to 5 NFC Championship games and that should count for something.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Temple Football Forever said...

I think what the Eagles' fans did was very classy. They gave him a standing ovation. The Eagles' fans themselves deserve one for that.

1:15 PM  

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