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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

George Blanda

Do you remember George Blanda? Do you?

He was a kicker and a quarterback, he played in four decades, and in his mid-forties quarterbacked the Raiders effectively. He died a few days ago at the age of 83.

His is a story worth reading, especially if you're under 45, because you probably have never heard of him (unless you're a real student of the game). When I was (much) younger, you either saw or read of his weekly heroics. He was a physical marvel who defied Father Time, and, as John Madden has been quoted, he was very clutch. His tory kept on getting better than age.

He wasn't 6'6", couldn't throw the ball through a car wash and have it not get wet, didn't benefit from the advanced training methods or supplements of today, didn't have all of the videotape they do today (nor the comfortable chairs that they have at most teams' facilities now).

But he made the plays.



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