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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Waiting to Draw Aces Is Not a Good Thing

So says's Tim Marchman.

Major League Baseball clubs are going to significant lengths to sign their aces or potential aces to long-term deals, with only Matt Cain and Cole Hamels eligible to be free agents after the 2011 season. The good news is that the Yankees and the Red Sox will have to work harder to develop their own top-of-the-rotation starters (sure, but the guys they have now are pretty darned good) and won't be able to poach the likes of the Royals and Twins for their homegrown talent. The bad news is that if your team is an ace away from making a serious dent in the post-season, you'd better be prepared to deal some of your best prospects to get a guy who has half a season or, at best, a season and a half, left on his contract.

Waiting to draw aces?

Better to draw up a solid plan for your farm system and grow them in your own hothouse.


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