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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Are the Clippers Ready to Outdo Even Themselves?

There's a report out there that the Clippers have made overtures to Isiah Thomas.

The report also says that the Clippers shot down the rumor that they had approached Thomas to be coach, GM, President, head of ticket sales, head of merchandising, corporate concierge for Billy Crystal, lead talent scout and the public address announcer.

I'm currently reading Bill Simmons' book on hoops, which shows a) that Simmons is an NBA savant, b) that Simmons is funny and c) that Simmons is certifiable in his love for the league. The book also does quite a number on Thomas (shots are taken at the Clippers to). So, on paper, this would be a marriage made in the heaven of Bill Simmons' sense of humor. If you read Simmons, you know that the possibilities of this match would be endless.


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