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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Watch for Lots of MLB Trades Before Trading Deadline

According to Jon Heyman of, at least one source has told him that many teams could be on the market to dump salaries before July 31 because of the economy. And while some people think that the stock market's performance in March (it's best performance for one month in seven years) is a harbinger that the recession will end in 2009, others are thinking that it will last a lot longer, perhaps into 2011. Moreover, the reckoning in the world economy has yet to take place, and there is talk that with all the money put into the stimulus package, inflation could go way up in a couple of years. Atop that, many people won't have the income they used to have or will need to save more for retirement because of the steep decline in the stock market in 2008 and early 2009. As a result, a combination of factors could give fans and sponsors less money to spend, and, yes, even baseball could be affected.

So, what does this mean for MLB? It's potentially not pretty for players and for teams, because gross income could fall and teams will have to watch their budgets even more closely. Let's wait and see what happens this summer, but Heyman wrote that one team -- the Tigers -- might stage a fire sale come July.


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