Thursday, April 16, 2009

Greg Paulus Confirms What Michigan Students and Alums Already Know

That Michigan is a better school?

Perhaps, perhaps not.

That Michigan has a better football program?


Paulus will graduate soon from Duke -- in four years. He didn't redshirt, which means he has a year of eligibility remaining to play football at a Division I-A school, as bizarre as that sounds. Remember, he was a very highly recruited QB out of high school, and his brother is the starter at North Carolina. Paulus started for three years as Duke's point guard and came off the bench last year, drawing high praise for the way he conducted himself. While he didn't elevate his game to NBA status, he said that the opportunity to play basketball at Duke and for Coach K was well worth it.

But competitive athletes continue to have the competitive itch -- it probably remains with them forever. So, Paulus, like many others, was seeking another venue where he can compete on an elite level. And that's football, because he was so good at it years ago.

He ruled out Duke because Duke has a returning upperclassman as a starter, and because he only has one year remaining he'll need to find a place where he can compete for the starting spot. Michigan has a couple of freshmen and a junior coming off an injury. Last year's starter transferred.

This is a fascinating story, to be sure, and one that bears watching. Still, it will be odd watching Greg Paulus competing in anything other than a Duke uniform.

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