Friday, April 03, 2009

Michael Vick Deserves a Second Chance

Here's a story regarding the most recent hearing in Michael Vick's bankruptcy case.

We all know the story of the downfall of Michael Vick and the terrible things that he did. Vick has been punished for his crimes -- he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to jail, he's serving his time well, he lost his lucrative job and is under suspension by the National Football League. He had it all and threw it all away.

But he's almost done serving his time, and he was a good quarterback before he self-inflicted his own personal wounds. He certainly could help an NFL team (as I can't escape visions of Dan Orlovsky dancing around the end zone last year for Detroit, not knowing where he was and stepping over the end line for a safety).

Let's repeat:

Michael Vick did terrible things.

Let's repeat:

He is almost done serving his time; he has paid the price.

The NFL should re-state him.

An NFL team should give him a chance.

He shouldn't get chance because his ultimate redemption would be a good story. He should get a chance because he's gone through the justice system and done what he's been required to do. He should be able to try to earn a living the way he used to.

Again, I'm not suggesting he's a role model all of a sudden or worthy of emulation. I'm not suggesting that he should get rounds of endorsements. But I am suggesting that he should get another chance, and I am suggesting that there are many teams he could help.

The NFL should take my point of view and reinstate Vick and then let him try to make a team.

The question now is what will the league do?


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