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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

St. Louis Finds Rhthym in Their Blues

A reader with great knowledge of the St. Louis Blues pointed out their remarkable run to a 6th seed in this year's NHL playoffs, worthy of a Disney movie. The Blues lost four of their top players and were running along the bottom of the league at mid-season. Since then, they've been among the NHL's best, finishing with a 9-1-1 run. And they're so hot and so inspiring that they've made a believer of veteran sportswriter Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

I can't say that I'm the biggest hockey fan, and it's not for any particular reason except that I like other sports better, was raised on basketball and baseball and don't have a ton of time for much else. That said, I love good teamwork and good stories, and the Blues have both. It would be fitting for them to continue their run all the way to the Stanley Cup. They had made the playoffs for 25 straight years leading up to 2004, and this marks their first appearance since then. As Cardinalpark posted in a comment to a different post, theirs is a great story.

So much so that I'll spend a little of my "sports time" following their progress during the playoffs, and they're worth a look if you're so inclined.


Blogger Cardinalpark said...

Hey Cool! Thanks for posting. If you like the STL Post Dispatch, a writer there named Dan O'Neill wrote a piece last Sunday on how the team and the city have reconnected in a powerful and emotional way. Since O'Neill is a golf guy, and he was writing about the Blues on the Sunday of the Masters, it kind of tells a neat story about how jazzed St Louis is about the blues (sorry about that!)

6:04 PM  
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