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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Imagine if the 76ers Sign Josh Smith and Cory Maggette

They will be pretty quick and more athletic, but it also means that Maggette will be replacing Andre Iguodala, whom the 76ers probably wouldn't re-sign if they ink both of those guys.

But what the heck, they'd be even more explosive, quicker, and continue their ability to run past most of their opponents, if not all of them, because they're a young team and some of the opposition has a collective set of creaky knees. The main focus for them would then have to be, well, defense and shooting the basketball, which has become a lost art.

Ed Stefanski did not take the GM job to stand pat. He took the job to mold the team in his image and to figure out a way to dislodge the Celtics and Pistons on the one hand and the Magic and Cavaliers on the other. Not to mention Toronto and a team that should re-surge, the Bulls. Will he succeed?

Look for more activity on the signing front this week.


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