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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Armageddon is Here

The NFL is investigating whether players are using gang signals in their on-field celebrations.

Then again, if people watch the sport because of its action and, yes, violence, is this development an illogical part of the sport's evolution? Might an anthropologist categorize teams as gangs and the civilians' support thereof as filling a need to be part of something big, tough and strong?

Or, is it as Dennis Northcutt said, that players use their own hand signals as a means of saying hello to family members around the country?

My suggestion is to sentence Bill Belichick to solve the problem. After all, no one is better at dissecting tape to discern another team's signals. My guess is that the cryptographers buried deep in the halls of the Patriots' offices will find a way to determine whether these are actual gang signs or symbols from the Rosetta Stone that basically mean, "Hey, during our bye week, let's go to Las Vegas with Pac-Man Jones?"

Just a thought.


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