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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Funny Exchange as We're Leaving Citizens Bank Park Last Night

We're leaving the park and walking to the parking lot. We parked at the Wachovia Center, and that venue hosted the Arena Football playoff game last night featuring the Philadelphia Soul. So, we're walking near the Wachovia Center, and there are two big young guys behind us. We wondered why traffic was a bit more intense than we expected, and then I remember that there was a Soul game.

Me to someone in a car: Did the Soul win?

Passenger in car: Yes, it was an exciting game.

Guys behind me: The Soul won. Who cares?

They had a point. Most Philadelphians don't care about the Soul, the Kixx, the Wings, or teams not named the Eagles, Phillies and 76ers. They like their college basketball, and little more than those who attend their games really follow the Flyers.

The Soul Were Playing at the Wachovia Center last night?

Most people would have asked if they were a band.


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