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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Chickie's and Pete's Crab Fries

Okay, so I was a good dad last night and stood for 10 minutes (at about 5 of 6) in line to purchase (for 6 bucks) a large container of Chickie's and Pete's crab fries, which are nothing but french fries spiced with Old Bay seasoning. That's it. There is no crabmeat in the fries, it's just that they taste seafood-like because of the seasoning. Yet, people line up for at least a half hour once the game begins to purchase these morsels (the same way I lined up a few weeks earlier at Tony Luke's concession in left field to purchase a roast pork sandwich with provolone and broccoli rabe -- recommended by the Philadelphia Daily News) and a steak sandwich for my son. That was a pretty good sandwich, although I can't really recommend standing in the hot sun for a half hour to purchase it.

But back to the crab fries. Six bucks? For fries? (Heck, though, the Phillies' fans pay $6.75 for a beer). Are they that good? Do we really need them? Doesn't America need fewer fries and more salads (which are hard to find at Citizens Bank Park) and sprouts? More 100-calorie snack packs? Why can't we simply bring our own Old Bay, buy fries at a concession stand where they sell chicken nuggets or steak sandwiches and season the fries with our own seasoning? Has anyone ever thought of that? You'd save at least $3.00 on already overpriced ballpark food by my counting.

When I got back to our seats, my son and his friend tore into the offerings and enjoyed them very much, giving me thumbs up. Their faces were smeared with the Old Bay, and they gulped down their drinks. My wife and I also sampled a few, and they were pretty good.

But to stand in line for them for a half hour during the game? What's your take?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, the crabfries are not actually made from just old bay, there are other seasonings that are apart of the secret seasoning. Also the melted cheese makes the fries. Do you really need to complain that there is not enough salads or 100 calorie food. If do not like the food eat before you go the game.... and if you want a real sandwich loaded with calories try the smitter in right field... now thats a good sandwich..

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think this is an odd article. since when is being over-charged for fatty food at a ballgame noteworthy? the only possible explanation for this person's sentiments is their disappointment upon finding that crab fries did not have crab meat, therefore making the price seem even more inflated. a friend from new zealand came to a phillies game and he was so excited to try crab fries, thinking they had real crab meat. i didn't think to warn him since i am philly born and raised and knew that crab fries meant crab seasoning only. he didn't argue the price though, just the fact that it seemed like faulty advertising. and he did in fact like them too.

there actually is a place in philadelphia that serves crab fries with crab meat. chickie and pete's is trying to get them to change the name since it is copyright infringement, but if it has real crab meat i know who would get my vote for authenticity's sake.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Gilly said...

The world does not need more 100 calorie pack foods. What? There is not one bit of nutrition in those things. Totally composed of man-made chemicals. I say go for the crab fries!

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you are a visitor to Philly? Your questions are completely justified. In all honesty, I thought beers were 6.75 at all ballparks... so paying $5 for a pretzel or $6 for crab fries seems like it goes with the territory, heck, regular old popcorn at a movie theater costs that much.

HOWEVER - when it comes to crab fries, I understand your surprise since you did not know what to expect but you are forgetting about the cheese dip. Like the first person commented, that is the true secret to the crab fries that makes them unique. It is a good thing you didn't complain too much at the game; phillies & eagles fans love their crab fries almost as much as their teams... its best to leave that one alone ;-)

4:08 PM  
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Blogger Temple Football Forever said...

Way too spicey. Bought some at a Temple game and had to give the rest away to my friend, Mark Hunter. So hot they'll burn your mouth. Don't like them, but I'm in a distinct minority.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Bob H said...

I felt the same way that the writer did until about a month ago. My nephew always begs me to get him crab fries at CBP and I tell him that I'd rather make them myself than stand in line during a ballgame. Well, during a rain delay, I finally caved in and bought him the fries. They were good although way too salty and we didn't even get the cheese. He raved about them so I guess it was worth the $6. I wouldn't stand in line when it stretches back to the airport but I would sneek in a batch for the kids if we got there an hour before the game...

12:28 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know where you're finding these fries for so cheap. They're $7.75 a bucket at the Linc. BTW, the cheese sauce as well as the fries are so worth every hard-earned penny.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Buy Cialis said...

well in my case crab meat is not one of my favorites, this doesn't mean that is not good, in fact between crab and lobster, I prefer crab.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous JimDandy said...

Is it the cheese that makes the crab fries? Or is the lawsuits? Pete sounds like a big bully to me:

12:40 PM  

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